Thoughts From The Flight Deck
TFTFD is a podcast about flying. Pilot/CFI Bill Duffy talks about flying and general aviation from the perspective of a pilot and Long Island, New York based flight instructor. The show is a mix of educational topics and hanger flying style chitchat.

Podcast 11.75 Thoughts from the Flight Deck

Your host is Pilot Bill

Even the pros have trouble with the radio.

A Southwest Airlines crew having trouble copying an IFR clearance.

IFR read backs can be funny.

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I should get back on schedule, of pod casts on the 1st and 15th . The commercial check ride gave me material I wanted to get out sooner. I have about six months of podcasts pre-recorded and did not want to wait until they were done. So when you see strange numbers like 11.75, they are just podcasts jammed in between others.

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