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TFTFD is a podcast about flying. Pilot/CFI Bill Duffy talks about flying and general aviation from the perspective of a pilot and Long Island, New York based flight instructor. The show is a mix of educational topics and hanger flying style chitchat.


Podcast 58 Thoughts from the Flight Deck

Your host is Pilot Bill, CFI,CFII

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 How many hours to solo?

 CFI Bill’s Thoughts on the many factors that determine how many hours a student pilot should have to safety solo.

 1. Don‘t rush the solo.

 2. Not all airports lend themselves to the quickie solo.

 3. The time of day may influence the time needed.

 4. The more time you have before the solo the safer you will probably be.

 5. Safety comes first!!!

 6. Looking for a flight instructor on long Island, NY- Bill Duffy -CFI, CFII


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